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A brief description of the findings of the November 22, 2012 New England Journal of Medicine article “Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast Cancer Incidence“.

Cornell Study, 2008 from the American Journal of surgery and American Society of Breast Surgeons, Cornell.

Contemporary analysis of Breast Thermography, Piana,Sepper
article{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Evalution{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20of{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Thermal{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Breast{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Screening_Piana{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Sepper.pdf published in the Pan American Journal of Medical Thermology (PAJMT)

Thermographic Screening of Breasts and Internal Genitalia
Researchers: Alexander Sepper, M.D., Ph.D., Anthony Piana, D.C., FPACT (Literature Review)
The Journal of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology Spring Edition 2013{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Research{c93fec30a7985868ad713e963bdf394a482af8c865dc3d5dc7fb50243c61b17e}20Study.pdf

Dr. Mercola talks about Thermography
Breast Thermography’s Heat Seeking Technology Going Mainstream as Adjunctive Method for Breast Cancer Screening

The Best Breast Test: The Promise of Thermography
Christiane Northrup, MD

Why Choose Thermography Over Mammogram?

Dr Mercola and Gaea Powell Discuss Thermography

Dr. Philip Getson Discusses Thermography

Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  Application of Thermography in Dentistry-A Review

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